Psychotherapy for children and adolescents

Children’s psyche is very different from that of an adult, which is why individuals who are not yet fully developed and self-aware need a different approach to therapy. Professionals working at the TOWARDS THE CENTRE clinic also work on helping children and adolescents, who often suffer from various psychological problems. Faced with the outside world, they are exposed, among other things, to the distress of their peers and the pressure to comply with generally accepted standards. Other common causes of stress are traumas, such as loss of a loved one or an accident.

All of these situations and many others have a profound impact on the development of the child’s psyche. A child psychologist can help one to overcome problems resulting from these difficult struggles. Katowice is the city where you can receive psychological treatment provided by our professionals. It is worth knowing that unprocessed childhood trauma can have significant consequences for the shaping of an adolescent’s psyche, his/her self-esteem and mechanisms of coping with stress. The psychologist will help your child to understand the situation he or she is in and learn ways to feel better about it. Always keep in mind that a visit to a child psychologist is not a reason to be ashamed, as most people may need professional support at some stage in their lives.

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Help for parents

When children find themselves in difficult situations, attempts by parents to help them can often prove insufficient. The pupils often cannot accept a parent's parting or a departure from one of them. Such events can also be extremely difficult for caregivers, who likewise need to take their time to deal with them and might not know how to provide the child with the necessary support. In such cases, it is worthwhile to seek help from a child psychologist. Effective child and adolescent psychotherapy also involves advising parents, who often do not know how to act when their child suffers from a disorder or experiences a difficult time in their life. Our child psychology experts will be happy to answer parents' questions and provide them with tools to support their children when they need it. This experience will not only strengthen the bond between the child and the parent, but will also help to restore a sense of security and mutual trust. Asking for help from a specialist in case of problems is a sign of care and attention to a child whose troubles are not underestimated because of his or her young age. There are several child psychologists in the CENTRE PAGE in Katowice. If you wish to make an appointment or have any questions, please contact us. Child and adolescent psychotherapy is a specialist field, requiring separate preparation and a set of dedicated tools and skills. This is due to the characteristics of childhood itself. In no other period does a person develop so quickly and dynamically. In no other period is one equally susceptible to the influence of traumatic events. The task of a child psychotherapist is to establish contact with the use of those structures, skills and functions that have already developed in the child. This is a qualitatively different job than adult psychotherapy. Our specialists will help you to evaluate the degree of your child's development on the cognitive, emotional and social axes, and to suggest how to support this development, if necessary. We also provide assistance in the case of problems resulting from the death of a loved one, the separation of parents or problems in adapting to a new social group.

Therapists for children and adolescents:

For years I have been passionately working with children, young people and parents helping them with behavioural, social and emotional difficulties. I have been conducting therapy, consultations and offering workshops for parents. The goal of my work is to improve the comfort of life by helping to understand that everyone can choose their own way…


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