The foundation and the source

Everyone is part of the family system. The family is a fundamental social cell, within which mutual relations are constantly created and various interactions take place. Thus, it opens up a path of comprehensive development for people. It enables to satisfy one’s needs as well as to learn about important values and social standards. A thriving family functions as a source of love and acceptance, guaranteeing a sense of security. The environment created by this complex network of connections is therefore never the responsibility of any one person, but is affected by all its members. When one of the elements begins to malfunction, the whole system gets disrupted. For this reason, family therapy couldn’t be omitted at TOWARDS THE CENTRE offices.

Family psychotherapy in Katowice – who for?

Increasing time pressure, stress and challenges faced by modern parents and children make it all the more common for families to seek out professional care. In order to meet the needs of our clients and out of passion for helping others, we have launched a special programme of psychotherapy in Katowice, aimed at improving damaged relationships between household members. When quarrels and conflicts are frequent, the family lacks intimacy, understanding and support. We want to be helpful when a family is experiencing a crisis caused by a difficult, traumatic event, such as illness, death or loss of a job. We will help you to restore harmony and healthy functioning of all elements of your family life.

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Family therapy - purpose and means

The therapeutic assistance we offer in our specialist offices is designed to help rebuilding bonds and finding solutions to problems such as aggression, eating disorders, addictions or educational problems. We work in an atmosphere of trust, discretion and understanding. The therapist does not judge, nor criticize. During the consultation he/she will try to understand the mechanisms of functioning of the entire family and on this basis to work out optimal solutions. An important part of this process is also learning to communicate openly and without evaluation, which will demonstrate that nothing is impossible when working together.

Principles of psychotherapy

We invite both parents and children to our offices in Katowice. During joint meetings with the therapist, we work on the reported problem, improving the consistency of communication, and rebuilding relationships. We help to regain lost respect, acceptance and love. The meetings last from 1-1.5 hours. The therapy at the TOWARDS THE CENTRE is based on the systemic thinking. What this means is that reported problems are examined against the background of the whole family system and relations between all individuals. Systemic approach involves various work techniques, e.g. analysis in the light of family traditions, homework, active listening and effective communication techniques, verbalisation of feelings or behaviour etc. If you are interested in family psychotherapy, Katowice offers exceptional practices at the CENTRE PAGE. Here you will find professional and kind support, and above all strength and motivation to fight for your own happiness and that of a family that cares for mutual development, safety and love. Sometimes we have to deal with situations in which the work of an individual is a condition necessary, but not sufficient for healing to occur. Family psychotherapy comes in handy when the roots of the problem lie in a web of complex, dynamic relationships between many people. In family therapy we look at the values, behavioral patterns and communication styles presented by all people involved in the conflict. The family is a dynamic psychosocial system that consists of the diverse personalities of all its members, the complex relationships between them and their shared history, which includes traditions and traumas transmitted from generation to generation. Family psychotherapy is a method for recognizing, naming and taking coordinated action to heal relationships within the family. It is said that people closest to each other hurt themselves the most. But the opposite is also true: it is those closest to each other who can help and support each other most efficiently. Family psychotherapy is a means to this end. We invite you to work together towards happiness, love, understanding and forgiveness.

When should family psychotherapy be undertaken?

A family is a basic social cell that functions within a certain system. It consists of a set of certain behaviours, norms or values that a given family adheres to and observes. In order for the family to function properly, certain patterns are established, which are passed on to children by adults. When a family relationship is disturbed, the healthy behaviors and constructed patterns become dysfunctional. This happens, most often in case of emergence of crisis situations or unexpected random events. At the beginning, many families try to deal with the difficulties on their own, but when problems get more intense and build up, it is appropriate to seek professional help. The situations in which you should visit the office of a family psychologist are many. First of all, a family psychologist should support the whole family in a situation of sudden death of a family member, divorce of the spouses, serious illness of a child or one of the parents or an accident and related long-term rehabilitation. Our practice is frequently visited by people whose children cause educational problems. For unclear reasons, they abandon their education, consume alcohol and psychoactive substances, become aggressive, experience fits of uncontrolled anger or self-destructive behaviour. Professional help is also necessary in cases of growing and frequent conflicts between family members or the emergence of addictions of any parent.

Who is a family psychologist and what is the therapy?

A family psychologist is a specialist equipped with appropriate education, knowledge, experience, as well as a range of techniques and methods. These tools make it possible to get to know the source of problems occurring in a given family, to diagnose and solve them appropriately. Before starting family therapy, it is necessary to make an appointment with the therapist. Most often the entire family is invited to the first meeting in order to diagnose the problem and establish a therapeutic plan, but also to determine who should participate in the therapy. Family therapy consists mainly of a dialogue between the family members and the therapist. The aim is to find the sources of problems, to learn about the causes of failure to deal with them and to work out cooperative ways of solving them. Family psychotherapy helps to deal with difficult situations affecting all family members as well as specific individuals. When a child is struggling with anorexia or bulimia, the whole family is involved in the healing process. A similar situation occurs with other health issues - if one person is sick, the whole family is affected. During family therapy sessions the psychologist tries to equip the whole family with a set of instruments for helping one another and learning how to support each other in challenging situations. That is why we encourage families struggling with long-term problems to benefit from the support of a specialist and be helped by an experienced, qualified family psychologist. Katowice is where our clinic is located. You are guaranteed discretion, anonymity and a friendly and understanding atmosphere when using our services. We are here to help you.

Family therapists at our clinic:

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