TOWARDS THE CENTRE is an embodied idea of a place where every person may find professional psychotherapeutic help – regardless of their age, the nature of their issues or their preferred type of psychotherapy. We are a team of specialists representing various schools and approaches in psychology and psychotherapy. What brings us together is a collective belief in the validity and importance of the work we undertake, through which our clients can enjoy their lives more fully.

The name TOWARDS THE CENTRE refers to the exploration of the center of mental life, the center for values and identity, from which each person derives the sense of his or her own “I” and the strength to face life’s greatest challenges and crises of existence. Psychotherapy serves the purpose of getting in touch with this innermost centre and removing obstacles preventing us from reaching it.

We have made every effort to make this place a safe and comfortable arena for your encounter with yourself and the others. Our team consists of experienced and outstandingly qualified specialists in their fields, with whom you will find understanding for your situation. We sincerely hope that with our support you will overcome your hardships and you will be able to enjoy each and every day more fully.