Psychotherapy Katowice

Individual psychotherapy

A form of therapy based on the observation of the relationship that is formed between the therapist and the client. The main tool is a conversation revealing unconscious content and mental conflicts.

In the diagnosis of depression, the duration of symptoms is a significant factor. If it lasts longer than two weeks, it may be indicative of the illness - it is time to look for a therapist.
We offer psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance in recognizing and treating all forms of addiction: substance abuse, gambling or risky behaviour.
Childhood is a delicate and dynamic period. We offer diagnosis and psychotherapy even for the youngest children, both in terms of emotional and developmental problems.
A happy, supportive relationship is a result of two people's work. Couples in crisis are encouraged to develop a new language of communication under the guidance of a specialist.
Family is a dynamic system of relations between many people with sometimes very different values and styles of communication. Family therapy helps them to understand and support each other.
In the treatment of ACA it is effective to combine different streams, as well as group therapy, allowing one to confront one's experience with reflective, yet completely different perspectives of other people.
A method of therapy based on work and building relationships in a group of people who share their experiences under the supervision of a psychotherapist who supervises the process.
Satisfactory sex life is a combination of physical, mental and social factors. Experts will help to look at each of these areas and enjoy life more fully.

Online psychotherapy

We invite for consultations people with painful experience of loneliness and all those who cannot cope with the traumatic transition to online therapy.

The opportunity to meet in a group of peers gives the participants first and foremost a time for self-discovery and development.
Make an appointment with a professional psychiatrist.
Psychotherapy performed by specialist trained to communicate with people suffering from hearing loss and deafness.

Make an appointment

We invite you to take advantage of the possibility of booking an appointment online. After the appointment is confirmed by the therapist of your choice, you will receive an e-mail.

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About us

TOWARDS THE CENTRE is a complex of modern psychotherapy and personal development practices, located in the centre of Katowice. We offer comprehensive psychological assistance to people of all age groups and in all circumstances.

To meet your diverse needs and expectations, our specialists represent all the leading trends in contemporary psychotherapy. Whether you are looking for a short-term therapy focused on getting out of a crisis, a long-term analysis or counselling with your loved ones – with our team you will find understanding and professional help.

We invite you to a cosy, comfortable setting in the very centre of Katowice. The location provides easy access from every part of the agglomeration. On our website you will find information about our practitioners, their specializations and upcoming available dates.



If you have any questions regarding our clinic, our specialists or the services offered, please contact us using the form below. We also invite therapists interested in working with us to get in touch.